Good provider for common size data?

I am looking for a good service providing common size statements of firms and industries. Preferable with some kind of data-mart features allowing me to specify certain aspects of the normalization parameters. I am getting really tired of copying stuff from 10-Ks hours in a row… What are you using, where do you get your data from? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Mergent Online…

Thank you, I’ll look into this. I was kind of expecting someone telling me something like: “Use Bloomberg, stupid”… So Either I asked a really stupid question and nobody else felt inclined to answer or it really is hard to get by this data :slight_smile:

What does the pricing for Mergent Online look like?

If you’re in NY, you can go to the SIBL (Science, Industry, and Business Library) at 34th and Madison and use Mergent for free.

I just submitted an app for a free trial but it looks like some sales douche will be calling me.