Good Q-bank/app with only theory questions?

For CFA L1 I used’s app with a filter option so that calculation questions did not appear as it is difficult to do calculation questions while commuting. Unfortunately, apptuto discontinued its service.

I commute 1 hour a day on the subway and can really use a good app to work on my CFA L2 theory questions in the same way as i did for L1. Does anyone have any suggestions?

If anyone has any other study tips/methods for the subway im all ears!


Why did they discontinued? No profit or not efficient?

No idea. I have tried to contact the company about its products, but there is no response from customer service

No takers?

I have Schweser and MM, neither of which have an option to exclude calculation questions, unfortunately.

You can try IFT’s high yield course. They have short videos on each topic so you can revise theory that way.