Good recruiting agencies / headhunters for Finance Professionals in Boston, MA

Hello: I am planning to move to Boston, MA sometime next year, so starting to make contacts and looking for some good, effective recruiting agencies which serve the Financial Services industry, especially in the Boston area. If you know of any, please post here. With much appreciation -ron-

I haven’t used them, but did notice a lot of industry postings on Fanning’s website:

Ron-what area of finance?

Fratboy: Thanks a lot. It looks good. I will be contacting them soon. Zforce: I am currently in corporate modeling and strategy at a large brokerage firm. Its a cool job and I love it and all, but I am kind of running out of “new challenges”. I am thinking of moving into Fixed Income / Quant Modeling and/or Hedge Fund/Private Equity modeling. I have a MA in Econ, a Series 7 license and will be taking CFA Level II this June. Also I know quite a bit of VBA and basic SQL and SAS and planning to take a Certificate progam at Harvard in IT (Software Engineering, once I move to Boston) that looks like a good way to learn some programming languages in-depth, something I have been craving for lately (and probably will need it too in my new job if I can find one). I know all of these is probably peanuts compared to many people in this board (and the economy is not exactly going to be in my favor either), but I am hoping that if I start early enough and make the right connections, I should be able to find something decent, at least decent enough to move there and then climb up the ladder! Your inputs would be appreciated. -ron-