Good Sites

Hi All, I am currently a level 2 candidate (Took a year off after bombing level 2 in June 2009). I am looking for sites on current news for bonds markets/MBS/ABS securities. I read but they don’t seem to provide much coverage. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have an interview comming up this week for a treasury analyst position and I need to brush up on some curent events. Thanks!

I use

Calculated Risk has some good housing and macro analysis:

I follow the bond markets on the websites listed below: There are some more fixed income AM sites that are good, but this is a good start.

Also, here is Moorad Choudhry’s site. There are a lot of good articles on ABS, credit derivatives, etc on here. The Thompson Reuters FI newsletter is excellent and doesn’t cost a dime. I suggest you subscribe for a good daily overview of the bond markets.


just found and its amazing