Good societies/associations to add to resume?

Anyone know of any good financial/economic associations that be joined for free potentially that are somewhat interesting and might look good to add to my resume. I feel like i’m a little light in that area for my background.

No “free” organization (that is one with no qualifications or examinations for entry) is going to be of much value on your resume.

Take a look at some local clubs in your community. They may not be that financial/economic focused but I do know that some “Young leaders” groups in my town have budget discussions and sit in public meetings with local officials to see what projects are going on. Just join a group and try to take a leadership role. People like to see leadership experience.

maybe look at PRMIA. I think they have a free category of membership.

somewhat tangential but Toastmasters is a good org.

Masons and Skull&Bones would not hurt. Actually, I would not post any political or religious organization, only professional ones, as you never know the views of who might interview you.