Good to see that Petraeus' career will go on (in Call of Duty)

Apparently, he is the Secretary of Defense in “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”. I wonder if they will have to change this now…

You wonder what he’ll do now. His career in the Army/CIA is over, he can’t go into politics. Write a book? Speaking circuit?

You can’t go from being head of the CIA to just living the retired life playing bingo every other day.

Speaking tour with Tiger Woods and Jesse James? Soon to be David Beckham?

These guys make a ton in consulting if they ever decide to.

They make a ton in consulting even while they’re still employed. Recenty 7 navy seals were reprimanded for advising EA Sports on a video game.

Chances are he will likely become a scholar at a university (he has a PhD), and serve as a chairman of a range of things including nonprofits, defense firms, other private sector firms.