Good way to find travel buddies?

Currently we have 3 people, 2 guys and 1 girl, from 25-28 years old. We plan to do a road trip to Washington during Canada long weekend. We want to add 1-2 more people. Anyone has any experience on finding travel buddies (online)?

Seems like you should ask your friends. Not sure if you want to be stuck in a car for days with a random stranger who has unknown habits.

Agree, you really don’t want to be travelling with some weirdo.

Why add people? Especially strangers?

I’m available. wink

Thread detour:

If you were stuck on a road trip across Canada/America (5 days) with 5 spots and rotating drivers, who from AF would you travel with?

bchad, cvm, ohai, greenie

Ohai and CVM for having fun and laugh.

Bchad to go and pickup chicks.

Greenie to talk about the ups and downs of life.

^ tough choice between ohai and bchad.

Via Facebook among friends of friends.


You’re thinking of adding strangers from the Internet to join you? This sounds like the perfect setup for a mass psycho murder movie where everyone dies in some gruesome manner

are you cute? maybe I’ll come

Seeking arrangements

I guess the logical app is UberHop. or Tinder.

Washington state? from Canada?

^ I think she means D.C., but Washington State is next to Canada… Why the surprise?

I just wouldn’t call it that much of a road trip unless coming from the Yukon or something … for Washington state

maybe iheartiheartalgebra can pick you up in his new 7 seater

Washington or Washington DC?

And besides inviting me along, there is this website:

Sounds like too many people watch fiction movies around here.

As I travel a lot and have a lot more disposable income, less responsibilities and am more spontaneous than my buddies, I have in the past found “strangers” to either tag along with my group or just join me. To be honest, I have only had positive experiences so far. The vast majority of these people were fun, adventurous and I still keep in touch with a few of them to the point where I no longer need to find “strangers” anymore to travel with. I guess it’s high risk, high reward; I’ve only seen the high reward part of it until now. You can always screen them by meeting them beforehand if they live in your city or skype with them if they don’t. Also ask for their FB just to see if they seem normal; most people that travel have FB.