Goodbye (and good ridden) CFAI Volume 3

Just buttoned up CFAI Volume 3 (cover to cover and every single question of course) and have moved on to Volume 4! Thank god, something I do at work everyday! Hello an easy 300 pages of reading!

Great…how long did it take you to do it? I will start on it in a couple of weeks.

it too me from September 2 to today, average about 41 pages per study session. I have a chart at work and ill tell you exactly how long it took me (hours) to get through it. i’ve been averaging about 17hrs of study per week so about 50 hours give or take 5

Nice one jrb! I’ve got only 130 pages left of FSA and hope to knock it out by tomorrow. I have a 4 hour flight + time in the airport so that should help. It appears that SS10 will be a bit easier read than SS9 so hoping that will help. I did skip some of the practice problems just because of the opp/cost in time, but hope to revisit those during review time in November. It will be great to get through this, though I am going to have to do a lot of review given that I decided to avoid accounting in college because it interfered with my beer drinking… idiot!

yea you’ll love being done with FSA…such a good feeling yes, SS10 is MUCH easier than SS9. SS9 took me FOREVER to get through…I do plan on reading Schwesser SS9 in November though as part of my comprehensive study.