Goodbye Gary Cohn

Now that the tax thing has passed, he probably realized that it’s better to be paid millions by GS then $100k by the government…

Certainly better than playing second fiddle to the Navarros of the administration.

Yup. The “tax thing” was the biggest wealth transfer since Obamacare, so he can go back to GS and get mega-sized payoffs for that, and virtue signal on the way out that he was “one of the good guys”.

How? You don’t even understand virtue signalling despite hanging in corners of the internet that talk about it nonstop. The man threatened to quit but didn’t when Trump sided with the neo nazis but did over tariffs? No one thinks highly of him

^ Again? Give it a rest guy.

I already posted way back (soon as the “tax cuts” were announced) that these guy’s jobs were done. So I was correct. The job wasn’t done at the time of “OMG the nazis are coming!”, and there was a 0% probability of a Goldman corporatist making morality-based decisions (not that straw-manning protesting citizens as “nazis” is moral). Yes, he’s a chronic virtue signaler. I did not comment on said VSs being effective, Mr. Pedantic.