Goodbye, sell-side!

Goodbye, sell-side - it was nice to know you. It’s official: after several years in equity research, I’ve decided to take on a gig in private equity. I’ll be working at a large buyout shop on its deal execution team. So many people told me it wouldn’t be possible to make the move to a good PE shop without a banking background, but I didn’t believe them. It definitely took a lot of dedication and persistence on my part, but in the end, things worked out. If I can share one piece of advice from my personal experiences, it’s to never give up and always aspire for big things. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to break into finance or you’re an industry veteran – “stay hungry, stay foolish.” (Steve Jobs, Stanford University commencement speech, 2005) I just gave notice to my current employer, and it’s a pretty good feeling to say I’m finally heading out. I’m pretty stoked to be moving on to what I think are bigger and better things, at long last. So for those of you who’ve been wondering what exactly I’ve been up to recently…there you have it. It’s been a good run, and I’ll still try to check these forums every so often. Hopefully I’ll still have some useful information to dispense on this board every once in a while; at the very minimum, I’ll try to help keep this board entertaining with random non-sequiturs and off-hand comments. Onward!

good luck numi !

Congrats, and good luck. You staying on the east coast?

Congratulations on the new job! Best of luck to you throughout the transition. I hope you do stick around AF, you’ve been a great source of information and advice on here.

Hey, great job. Congrats. Wish you excel in the new position.

Congratulations! Taking some time for yourself before you start?

Good luck numi! You’ve been able to skip a pointless 90K 2-year T-10 MBA. Congrats on this great feat!

Congrats numi. Good for you for not giving up, you earned your spot. If you don’t mind me asking, approx. how much work exp. do you have and do you think you had to sacrifice a few years to make the switch. (ex: you have 5 years exp. but took on an associate role that a ibanker with 2-3 yrs exp. could of landed?). if you rather email: Prelude01SB at gmail . com thx

Best Wishes!

Congratulations! Good luck on your new job!

ws Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hey, great job. Congrats. Wish you excel in the > new position. WS: The reference to ‘excel’ wasn’t a tongue-in-cheek comment!! numi: Let me throw in my good wishes too, with another quote to go with your advice: Who Dares Wins (SAS). Thanks so much for your writings here, and hopefully you will regale us with the stories about the masters of the universe.

congrats numi. Best of luck!

Great for you Numi! Hope it all works out for you. Most of all, hope you’ll still be here on AF to keep contributing, though I suspect the first 6 months are going to be pretty busy learning the ropes of how things are done at your new shop. Will you still be in the NY area? Cheers!

thtz awesome Congratz and Good luck … and like everybody else said above I hope you do stick around …

Congrats Numi! We exchanged emails long time ago and I have always appreciated your insights. -FFGuru

Good job MBAFinance… I mean numi… :slight_smile: just kidding around.

Wow, congratulations and the best of luck to you in the future.

meh. haha.

hey numi. congratulations.

Wow. The best of luck to you.