Good night guys, here its 4am and my brain is completely fried…being studying since this morning. I will catch you on here tomorrow! Peace, Love and a chocolate cake :slight_smile:

I don’t know how you do it. Sleep in!

later strange

that’s wild, i can’t study past 2-3 am because i feel like i’m not getting much done so i lie down in bed and start reading secret sauce later man

I let Schweser Audio put me to bed everynight. I don’t think it helps at all though.

If we were eggs, it would work, osmosis and all. Wow, it’s only 10 here and I am already being loopy.

Amber how are you doing? Didn’t see ya earlier?

I can’t study as much as you guys with my kid. This afternoon I was doing flash cards on book #5. Somehow I LOST book 6, I am going nuts on what I did with them. I planned on doing flash cards tonight but of course thought I would just be on here for a few minutes. LOL I seem to be doing better on the math, we shall see come Monday when I do mock #2. How are you feeling?

I’m not doing so hot. Wasted way too much time today on mickey mouse bullshit. However I did put away 5 hours on FSA, but I didn’t cover nearly as much as I wanted to.

Nail down the basics of FSA, first and foremost. Know them like the back of your hand. Don’t try to do each nitty gritty thing. Then, go back and work in the details. Much less daunting.