Goodwill calculation?

Someone posted this before…I don’t see how goodwill is 19k… I thought I knew how to calculate goodwill. 2) Rusbus1 Co. acquires 30% of the outstanding shares of CPK Co. At the acquisition date, book value and fair values of CPK Co’s recorded assets and liabilities are as follows: Book Value of Current Assets = $10,000 Book Value of Plant & Equipment = 190,000 Book Value of Land = 120,000 Book Value of Liabilities = $100,000 Book Value of Net assets = $220,000 Fair Value of Current Assets = $10,000 Fair Value of Plant & Equipment = 220,000 Fair Value of Land = 140,000 Fair Value of Liabilities = $100,000 Fair Value of Net assets = $270,000 Rusbus Co. offers $100,000 for a 30% interest in CPK Co. Part of the excess purchase price is attributable to the $50,000 difference between book value and fair value of the identifiable assets and so the remaining amount is attributable to goodwill. Calculate goodwill. A) 19,000 B) 28,000 C) 34,000

ignore…this is for L2.

Goodwill is the excess of purchase price over the FV of Net Identifiable Assets Purchase Price 100k His Share is 30% of 270,000 = 81k Goodwill is the difference.

Also remember if there is a in-process R&D component, it reduces goodwill and is immediately expended under US GAAP. Under IFRS, it is capitalized.