Google Reader / News Sources

What are your favourite Google Reader sources? I’m just setting my Reader now and I know there was a great thread going early about the topic - but I can’t seem to find it. Maybe the thread got off topic? I’m not sure why a thread about news sources would get deleted. Seems relevant to professionals.

I might have to revisit the Google reader again. I set it up a long time ago, but the amount of stuff I got became overwhelming. I tried to manage the flow but just couldn’t find a good balance of not too much, not too little.

I have the following setup: Calculated Risk Deal Journa DealBookl ZeroHedge RGE Monitor FT FT Alphaville I had more but removed them. Don’t bother adding WSJ or WSJ Page one, you’ll get repeats and it’s tough to stay on top of. Plus, if you read the WSJ daily you’ll already come across everything.

Yeah, I’ve written to WSJ about their shitty RSS feed and basically they said “If the story gets modified, we create a new instance of it and a new story gets generated”. I haven’t seen any other news organization that does that.

For general news, newsmap(dot)jp beats all

I like the news feeds at I also like that I can subscribe to SEC EDGAR filings with an RSS reader. For whatever it may be worth CFA Institute has a set of news feeds at also.