Is this a joke? Someone is getting fired over this…

Moby Dick is a great book.


I was hoping they’d flub earnings today so I could start a position. This could work out nicely for me. Interested to see what’ll happen once trading resumes. Love to see this


Haha, zerohedge:

“165 Hedge Fund Suddenly Cried Out In Terror And Were Suddenly Silenced”

the shares rallied hard in Q3…about time they came down…i hope this goes back down…

I invested $10MM in GOOG yesterday. Am I still a job creator?

Dont see why they need to come down…I thought it was still undervalued at its all time high…assuming it continues doing what its supposed to.

Taking this quarter’s earnings into perspective plus the 9% drop (12.3% when trading resumes according to ZH), makes Google cheaper than Yahoo. That’s just stupid.

But Google does not have a hot CEO…

agreed Palantir…but i was planning to add…perhaps this is a sign goog won’t ever reach a high % of my portfolio…

what really bothers me is that stocks trade heavy because of missing/exceeding estimates…makes me feel like these people bought it based on what these clowns write about…i don’t think i have even looked at one analyst target for this stock ever

…a day ago they were willing to pay 10% more than today because someone led to believe their EPS was going to be x…yeah ok…

Romney for president

The main concern I have with google is the FTC thing. All the reasons they’re recommending a lawsuit are the same reasons I invested in the firm. Not good.

please explain palantir. I don’t consider the FTC privary issue a concern at all. curious to know your take.

I actually want google to start tracking me. i love the fact they can potentially cater searches to my needs.

More like Yahoo is overvalued. That is also stupid.

Any word on when trading will resume. This is an awefully long halt for a large cap company.

It’s not so much privacy, but the FTC is basically planning an antitrust thing. Saying that google abuses its monopoly status by linking searches with its own products etc etc.

Then do a pair trade. I disagree though.

Trading will resume after Google releases their official earnings. I can’t imagine them doing so in the next hour. Maybe after-hours trading this afternoon.

palantir, its evil to link search results to your own site…it also makes their search results less reliable…the FTC is doing the world/us/google a service…

you think people don’t want that tracking thing cause they might be looking at some perverted stuff?

Isn’t that what the computers at the library are for?

Nope, that’s what Tor is for.

Well, a dozen AFers are going to be busy tonight…

On a serious note, don’t do it.