Gossip Girl Wall Street

Any calm people loading up the truck on MS and GS? Between fear, rumors and naked short selling these stocks have gotten pummelled so hard they are a steal. Both companies are adequately liquid, Morgan moreso than GS, and both are making money (and beating their estimates soundly). This is a prime time bottom for two companies that in 6 to 12 months will catch the wave back up after sheltering the storm and will have an overwhelming market share. I’m loading up, who’s with me? Morgan at 21 Goldman at 111

good luck you will need it… PS I never understood why people are so fascinated with Mean Reversion.

In the meantime, MS can’t borrow any money to fund their positions. Think that might be a problem?

With that much cash on the balance sheet, and that much talent in management (Kelleher). It’s all about surviving the storm right now.

I bought a very small amount of GS when it dropped under $100 yesterday. Who knows where it will go. I’m sticking away from MS for now.

Dude, I respect what you’re saying, but I was holding LEH common, so once bitten twice shy as the saying goes.

In situations of such uncertainty prefer pairs trades to express general convictions… maybe long Goldman short MS.