GoT and Trump Protests Crossover


only in America.

DNC had some extra rally disrupting money left over and since Trump isn’t holding anymore…

He pushed him rather than used his location advantage to launch a double flying kick. Hacksaw.

I think i have a college campus demonstration bingo. I see an unattractive woman with dreadlocks, a Guy Fawkes mask, someone 15 years out of college manning a bullhorn, a rainbow flag and an abundance of white people.

Waldo found him!

Every time one of these comes out its always a dem paid to do this according to you and other trumpers. Im not here blaming trump for everything but its pretty likely this guy and many others are just asshats with no self control. Oh but wait I am sure its Soros paying them all… right

Wouldn’t it be better if some of them were being paid though? I find it rather unlikely too, but it’s better than people actually being asshats for nothing.

tbh i would hope so. Youd have to be seriously unstable to think its ok to just attack someone like he did, the way he hit him and the number of odd ways he could have fallen could have caused serious damage & possible even death. Glad to hear the guy is fine, but no one on either side of political discourse should feel ok putting their hands on another person that isnt directly threatening them


I’m unsure who was on which side, but watching that fruity lumberjack get tossed down those stairs was gold.

I’m assuming this is the Ohio State (sorry, THE Ohio State) thing. Dude with bullhorn is anti-Trump and tackler has already been kicked out of school and charged with assault. See, the criminal justice system can work.

They take that $hit seriously.

Only because everyone involved was white.

Turns out, the tackler (Shane Stanton) was apparently a Hillary supporter that was confused. LMAO

Interesting turn of events!

Btw, hope the guy who got tackled is okay. Not cool to be violent against those who you don’t agree with, unlike what one of the political parties, which I won’t name, believes (the one who lost the general election, house, senate, and supreme court).

Seriously? I guess he’ll be let back into school and all criminal charges will be dropped then.

tbh that hit was insane. Urban Meyer is probably trying to figure out how to get that guy on the practice squad. That guy is screwed up whatever his political beliefs, he needs mental help bad

Well, supposedly his Dad came forward and said he has aspergers which appears to be on the more severe end of the spectrum and friends have come forward on social media saying the same. The guy who got pushed (Adams) also originally said on social media he would press charges to send a message but has since said on FB that he previously thought the assault was politically motivated, but has now learned it “was not committed by a Trump supporter.”

So, some of it less funny than it originally appeared (or as funny if you’re a terrible person), but I’m still going to cheer for him every time I watch him level that scarf wearing guy.

^ It was a cheap shot. Fighting dirty.