Got any PBO memorization tricks?

Any PBO tricks for remember particular formulas? Like economic pension expense? Reported pension expense? Anything? The only formula I consistently remember is funded status.

Look up the “memory palace” memorization technique. It saved me on L1, and although I’m having a little more trouble applying it to L2, I still think it is one of the only ways I will be able to retain enough of the stuff to pass.

Hi padniaki, can you please provide a link? i couldn’t find “memory palace”. Thanks!

Just write it over and over… like 15 times each. PBO and Pension expense BOTH have the following signs (+, +, +/-, +, -). That’s how I remember it.

economic pension expense is just contributions - change in PBO

No it’s not change in PBO. It is change in FUNDED STATUS.

Oh yeah you’re right thanks what’s the formula for pbo I can’t seem to locate it this morning?

This is a curious comment, because if you had googled “memory palace” you would have seen several results.

Anyway, try this:

It’s not specifically for PBO, it more works for memorizing things in general (I find it especially useful for formulas on the exam).

thanks Padniaki. I thought it’s something specially for CFA formulas. that’s why…

Thank you for the information.