Got Corporate Finance Offer : Should I start or wait till June 9th?

Hi, Just got an offer for Corporate Finance. Company prefers me to start ASAP due to a few IPOs going for my learning sake on but I’m thinking of postponing start date till after the level 2 exam in June. What would u guys do? I have covered the syllabus but bulk of revision to go. Part of me wants to start work and push myself on weekends and not create a bad start with them as I did say I can start immediately during the interview. But on the other hand, just another 5 weeks to clear level 2 full time. Any advise? I’m getting paid quite lowly for this FO position.

Its all about how you feel they will react. If you can push it back, I would. 5 weeks wont do you any good at work, but clearing L2 is significant. Imagine if put an 80% effort and don’t pass, you have to study all over again for another 2-3 months. If you dont pass you will forget a bulk of what you studied over the coarse of the year. Try to push them to postpone… and nail L2. Just my 2 pennies…

Try to estimate with how many weeks of delay they would be comfortable. What about starting in 2 weeks time (in which you will totally knock down schweser) ? Take into consideration do you really like this job ? What is the potential for career advancement ? If the job is a rare opportunity then I would start immediately. Otherwise, its better to give yourself some time to clear L2. Failure means another year of studying the same material for nothing.

Agree with 2x2.

whats a quite low salary? 50k?

Have you discussed a transition period with them given the upcoming L2 exam? How about 2 week notice at your current gig then 3 weeks of part time (maybe even off the payroll) just to start getting acclimated to the job and people. Then, once L2 is over hit the ground running.