Got my Level III books

In total there are 2180 pages. If I am disciplined enough, I should be able to read all of the text by the year-end at 20 pages per day. Let me give it a go from today!! Note: I failed Level II once by not giving enough time and have no desire to do same at Level III. Regards,

20 pgs a day?? Wish I could be like you. Am yet to register though, so I am actaully not a Level 3 candidate yet.

How come only about five people got their books so far? Now I assume of course that everyone is obliged to create a new post once this remarkable event happens, maybe I’m wrong.

My books are in transit. I should have them today.

I got it last Friday. I never use CFAI books before - not for Level I and II. I start reading it and I feel it is actually not too bad. Many people say that it is very confusing and not to the point. I don’t know why. Maybe I will find out when I write my Level III. :slight_smile:

Mukaranga: 20 pages… should be manageable. I got my books within 3 days of registration. I was surprised to get them so quickly. Chaucy: Books really don’t look bad - first page cleared my Level II ethics question dilemma: whether the firm should disclose the CFA code seperately.

iyounus Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Books really don’t look bad - first page cleared > my Level II ethics question dilemma: whether > should the firm should disclose the CFA code > seperately. What is the verdict?

Firms are encouraged to integrate the code with its compliance procedures. However, if it complies with the code, CFA institute recommends a disclosure.

Touchdown! I failed ethics though, so debating all of those answers post-exam did not help me.

so, are there plenty of “optional reading” pages in these books like in L2 ?. If not,it explains why the number of pages are considerably fewer.

Oh no…I forgot about the number of optional reading pages in L2. Damn!! I was hoping that L3 text at 13 pounds was going to be much less reading than L2 at 20 pounds. Never was able to actually get through the text, and I thought this would be my year to do it. Maybe not

There is still quite a bit of optional reading. I have ignored appendices for the purpose of the page count.

Registered Monday morning and I’m looking at my books right now. That was fast.

Landed on the doorstep today; setting up the 09 study campaign now. Sooner the better - if the olympic athletes trained years for their events - then starting now is no sweat by comparison.

Your set of books were 13 lbs? I got mine today, and they were 14 lbs… At a rate of a pound every few days, I would recommend that people start ordering their books!

Just got mine this morning…gosh!!!.. it’s ALL portfolio management…how monotonous!! :{:{ Books are nice though, less intimidating than level 2!

Yes, not a bad set of books this time around…I am getting increasingly confident seeing the content after L2…thank god no accounting etc. The behavioural stuff looks a bit boring though.