Got my Schweser notes...

and I hate them already. Especially the guy on the cover - why do they have to have him there? He is going to haunt me for 4 months now :frowning:

haha yeah. on the L2 books they have this asian girl. don’t know about l3

that guy must be on crack. who smiles when doing qbank questions?

i think it’s a sadistic grin to himself thinking that another moment of this and i’ll kill everybody at the exam center!!! and the devilish guy on the TV telling him to do it…

I can understand that the guy there looks annoying…but what’s wrong with asian girl? havne’t seen the level2 notes but unless she is not pretty, you are racist:P

Schweser videos are the worst! First you have overweight Dilbert who mow’s through quant as if it is brief review for all of us. Then this woman stumbles through econ providing worthless expamples from her personal life experience. FSA is this Metro Euro dude who has quite the attitude and a heavy accent. Where does Schweser find these people?! I can just see myself having a brain fart in the exam only remembering the stupid ebay story the econ lady told!

nothing wrong with the asian girl. She’s not too bad looking either. Quite the tease in fact.

vanessa, I’m asian. She’s not that bad-looking.

Actually I find Dilbert amusing…all he does it swallow and make jokes every 2 min. Quant was def. easy and helpful watching him.

They are very helpful. Dilbert funny too. Just like to rant and insult the Schweser characters as everyone else was!