Got my Schweser package.

Guys, I received my essential Schweser package. I am browsing around the website and learning the online materials. I am giving my exam for the first time. I am not sure which book shall I start reading first? Just curious how every one else got successfull on the level 1. Please advice to this rookie! Thanks

sza107 - I too have just received my Sch material. I have decided to concentrate on the areas I am most confident with first, which for me is debt. I think to consolidate my knowledge and get this topic out of the way first over Christmas is a good idea for me as ‘knowledge drop off’ between now and June will have less of an impact on my stronger areas.

So whats your plan? Just Read book by book and start practising… I could not find a style or an approach to start? I have been out of schhol for a while. Curious how are other ppl approaching to start studying?

Yes - My plan is to read book by book, hit the questions and create a learning needs analysis from my mistakes, then refocus on the LOS and recommended reading respectively. BTW, Don’s feel bad about being out of school for a while, I was 42 two weeks ago!

My Schweser essential package should be here monday. I was planning to start with quant, since I think that is the foundation to most of the material. Then I will probably do FSA since that is the biggest topic being tested, and I seen many post of people wishing they had more time to do FSA before the last exam. Are you guys going to use the CFAI stuff too? Peas.

Which Schweser package did you guys get? The Premium, Essential, or Q&A Pkg? Thx

hi everyone :slight_smile: …i just got my curriculum 10 days ago …wow…i was wandering …if somebody has schwezer 1 pdf to share? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion…since you have more than 5 months to the exam, start with the topics that you are most unfamiliar with. Once you are done with a topic/SS, try and get back to it after a month or so and re-reading it to keep it fresh in your mind. This way, you will be spending more time doing things you do not know and by the time June rolls in, you would have done those topics a few times and would feel more comfortable with it.

Thats a good suggestion dehi…but I only have enough time to read the CFAI and Schweser material once, and then practice exams. Who is starting with CFAI? Or who is starting with Schweser?

Guys. I might start with fstatement analysis, Quant, Econ, Ethics for last. I heard to memorize ethics on the last is a good approach? Do you guys completly read the whole book?

My plan: Read all the CFA Books (done with 1/4 of curr.), then read the Schweser material, and then spend a lot time going over all the LOS and do a lot of exam question. Hope to be done with reading part by April, then start on the rest. I just discovered this formum and will try to so spend some time here as well! Good luck to all of you!!!

which package? Essential or Premium? Need help in choosing. Thanks