got schweser just now, and going to start tonight

damn so long since last study this June. I am really a slacker now.

I found myself like to be pushed like taking L1 and L2 with 6 months apart.

This time for L3, I don’t even want to open the books. I wish they could have Dec exam for L3.

It’s still very early you can slack a little bit. :slight_smile:

Like many people said, start with Behavioural Finance, and it’s an easy read, don’t think of it as CFA, think about it as personality test for a psychology book, lol, if that helps!

Probably a good idea to join a study group locally if you find it difficult to concentrate, you will feel more pressured to study when everyone else is ahead of you!



Based on my 20+ years academic studying experience, I was, am and will be a loner.

That said, I never study with others, I do it myself and I found it more efficient.

As for Behaviroural finance, I hate it after reading 2 pages. I like more hands on stuff e.g. quant, or calculating swap rate.

I think reading is good to do by yourself, but sometimes, it’s nice to do questions with other people because some people have different approach to the same question and you may learn their way of thinking.

And it’s more to keep each other on track, and not just sit together and read.