Got the email yet?

Anyone got the email yet? Am I the only one shivering an’ tending to nature’s call every 5 mintues

Its still 30 minutes to go, so nobody would have got it!

Sometimes they kick it off early. Easier on the servers since the website is going to get strained at 9AM.

Yup, but a group email from linkedin !! :s … and lol no i’m just feeling very irritated !!

Oh usj2… So I was not too wrong in refreshing my gmail for the past half an hour then surprise

After exactly 6:30 India time…22 minutes from now…I will refresh and make my laptop moan like never before…sorry that came out wrong!

Will the results be also put up the site guys? I am sure it would be crashing, but no harm trying it right?

i don’t they will put up the results on website today.

@sooraj- results will be on website only tomorrow

Just an hr left left, im stressed out man PST

Thanks friends :frowning: ATB to everyone out there!

Damn !! another forwarded mail :@