Goto Albums

Weezer Blue Album – Been listening to this almost 20 years. A friend of mine picked me up in college in a ford station wagon with the wood paneling. He popped the tape into the deck and said “you have to hear this.” Off we went to get a couple of 1/2 barrels of Nattie Light. Masterpiece. Unfortunately they suck live.

Blind Melon Untitled First Album – Saw these guys a few times and just before Shannon Hoon died in Providence in 1995. Masterpiece.

Led Zep Houses of the Holy – No need to comment

Nirvana Incesticide – Had this since ~ 1993 I believe. Also saw them about a month before Cobain died.

I’m VERY jealous that you saw Blind Melon before Shannon died.

Saw them about a month before he died @ Lupos in Providence in 1995. It was unreal.

^ No Eazy E brah?

I was playing this killer mix off my phone this Sunday, having a few friends over in my backyard when Blake’s chubby lawyer f.ckbuddy’s gay friend’s phone threat came up. Apparently it had saved itself into my phone’s playlist when I once clicked on the file posted in AF way back. Man that was akward…

As b would say, LMAO! How did you explain?

I played that voicemail for some people this weekend. It never gets old and always brings the LOLs.

I have a feeling Foo Fighters Colour and the Shape is probably high on your list considering you like Weezer. Or maybe not. A good friend of mine considers the two albums his all time top favorites.

I’ll have to admit that Everlong is one of my all time favorite tracks.