Gotta have thick skin.

I just proof read a client communication for a PM and submitted a few minor tweaks as he nodded along. I heard the papers hit the recycle bin as I was walking away. I want my 10 minutes back.

yep. that sounds right

you haven’t been yelled and screamed at yet? called stupid?

^ I would love to be nearby if BS is ever yelled at and called stupid by his boss.

Maybe he didn’t need your papers to make the edits.


Hey at least he recycles…

Thick skin would be required for him reading it and confronting you on it. What you describe doesn’t require thick skin

Meh, I just got the revised copy and he made all the changes anyway. Looks like JBrowntown gets the win.


Do the right thing and rename the thread “gotta not be an over sensitive little girl”

man gringo dishing out the pain today

Gringo’s a zip. Been following me around at ankle level like some sort of Chihuaha the last few minutes.

Jbrown is the PM…

¡qué guay!

From out of nowhere I have this sudden craving…