Just curious… how important is GPA in equity research, especially after acquiring work experience?

Need more details. 1. Is your current work experience related to equity research? 2. What type of GPA are we talking here? 3.5? 3.0? 2.0? 1.0? 3. What type of school did you attend?

What EMH said, plus what degree/major? Prior discussion about this has yielded the consensus that 3.3+ is generally OK for most positions. Some firms are sticklers and demand a 3.5 or 3.75 to even look at your.

It’s for a friend… I work in ER but I haven’t recruited and don’t want to send the wrong message across if I start asking around my company… lol you know, nowadays you have to be extra careful. Her details: - Top 20 school - One year work experience in ER (although small shop) - GPA 3.2 - Major in accounting and economics - Other info: school newspaper writer, good at math, president of “everything” at school She is trying to transition into a good brokerage but she’s a little self-conscious. I don’t want to speak out of my @ss and tell her that GPA is not important when I really have no clue. What do you guys think?

Is this for a specific position that is currently available at your firm? If it’s not, then I would suggest she wait another year until she has close to two years of total experience. Since she went to a top 20 school, I don’t even think she needs to include her GPA once she has two years of work experience. At this point the most important thing is the quality of her current work. The GPA thing isn’t too big of a deal. The current state of the economy and her lack of experience will probably make a transition tough at this point. Her odds are still a lot better than if she were to try getting a buyside gig, though, which has completely dried up and will continue to deteriorate over the next 12 months in my opinion.

3.2 GPA = leave it off the resume

I agree with JTLD. It’s not a bad average, but a B+ overall is nothing to be boasting about.

at that level, not going to help…but not much of a detriment either.

Just curious, at what level would you guys start putting a grad school GPA on the resume. 3.5?

3.6+ ie A level average

But what if you have an undergrad GPA of 3.8, and a gs GPA of 3.5, wouldn’t it look like you’re hiding something if you include include one but not the other? I’d think that 3.5 GPA would probably be fine if you’re working full-time through the gs process.

GPA is nothing

She should just leave it off her resume. Any employer who wants to know will ask her.

GPA means nothing as soon as you get a job. All an employer wants to know is - can you make me money? Have you made money for your current firm? If so - How much? - quantify it. If I hire you what money are you going to make me? If you can’t quantify it you’re dead. Who cares what you did at school - this is the real world now…

^ theoretically that is correct. But given the context of the question it would leave me to believe OP is asking about a fresh out of school er associate position. These are not easy position to calculate a “rate of return.” If anything all of ss equity research is more of just a cost certain with vague benefits. So GPA and what school you graduate from DOES matter.

I have always had people ask me what my GPA was. I have 8 years of experience. Just recently had a potential employer ask me what my GPA was (I had dropped it from my resume) and what my SAT score was. Because she only has 1 year of experience, potential employers are probably more likely to ask than if she had 10 years of experience. Still, I wouldn’t list anything < 3.5 voluntarily. Let them ask if they want to know.