Grading Question

if you make a simple addition / subtraction error in the middle of a question causing rest of your answers to be wrong but your formulas and process is correct meaning that one small calculation aside you would have gotten perfect mark, how do you supposed they will mark it, wrong from that point on or maybe 1-2 mark deduction from say 5-8 mark question?

i ususally give myself like a point for showing I knew what I was doing but not really anything more. Not sure how it will be graded on test day. Schweser says to give yourself some points for just labeling things but I try and live on the conservative side.

yah that’s what I do but so pissed when I see due to simple calculation you lose so many points cause you carry on the mistake LOL Exam condition mistakes… must be more diligent and do the simple things well on the exam

I also do the same as we do not really know how tough they could be :wink:

It’s managing self expectations

I would assume they lean on the stricter side. There are going to be tens (if not hundreds) or graders. The grading must be a standardized process. It would be unfair if there is a lenient grader vs a more strict grader.

give yourself 0 and build in a buffer (you wont make the mistake again )

Grade harder. Think about this all the level 3 candidates, have passed level 1 and level 2, yet only about 40-50% pass… you think the grading is easier or harder?