Graduating in April, looking for some advice

Hello all, First off I just recently discovered this website from a facebook link, and it has been terrific, so many like-minded people. Anyways, I am a fourth year Business Admin student concentrating in Accounting and I will be graduating in April. I will be enrolled in the Dec 08’ L1 CFA exam within the next month or so. My aspirations are to work in ER, and, perhaps naively, I think that my education in accounting and enrollment within the CFA program should help me along the way. My problem is that my University is not heavily recruited for in investments, more accounting type jobs, so I don’t get the opportunity to meet with a lot of companies. What do you recommend for getting that interview, is it nothing more then the cliche pounding the pavement and eventually you get your chance? Is there anywhere in particular I should be looking. If it helps I will be looking in Toronto. Thanks

Do you go to York? There are some job postings at the career center (CF, research). You also have some alumni on the street too so go contact them.


wow - every other post is about how do i find a job. how do i find a job in NY/toronto/ mid sized city (atlanta, peg, CGY) with the following academic background and work experience less than 2 years or irrelevant work experience… you find a job by searching. start with that function here!

do you go to western and not ivey perhaps???

are you pursuing any accounting designations (CA, CGA, CMA) in addition to CFA? scotia capital is hiring recent grads. do u want to work for any of the big banks? scotia, bmo, cibc?

I’m not considering an accounting designation, I want to stay on the investments side and from people I have spoke to say that doing more accounting designations will not add a significant benefit after enrollment/receiving CFA, but that is all hear-say so I could very well be wrong. Best case scenario I would like to work for one of the big banks, however since no recruitment is done at my school it’s not practical to plan on getting in so I have been targeting more boutique firms, like Raymond James Westwind Partners, Wellington West, and Sprott. I fully understand that my situation is by no means unique and that there are plenty of others here who are looking for career advice and what not. I am just interested on maybe job types I have not considered, I’ve done a good deal of research, I know, or think I know the realities of the situation, and I am realistic to know I’m not going to be graduating and walking into a BB M&A job. My interest right now is in ER and perhaps transition into something else, but maybe ER is not a viable option given my situation so any other recommendations that I can eventually move in to ER are more then welcome. Sorry for the length, thanks.

have you done any internships / SA in the past? if not, start at the back of the line…at a DB.

another DB jab. a few more of those and his back will go out…then…step in with a right…

He probably goes to York, non-schulich. So in that case have fun in customer service. All of the boutique firms you mentioned had people job posts @Schulich and sprott/ wellington west dont usually hire people right out of school unless you know people working there. Anyhow, good luck.

KF…I’m in a very similar situation as you. I’ll tell you one thing, ER is hard to get into without serious network, knowledge and experience. From the associates I have spoken to, ER actually requires some form of knowledge and intelligence to function. The associates I spoke to were the newest guys, and all of them had more then 3 years of experience with CFA or MBA or both. Don’t think for a second having the CFA will help you out tremendously. Its similar to the CSC in that it is the minimal requirement for analyst jobs. I would say investment banking analyst might be your best bet, though those jobs are hard to come by as well. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck.

I disagree Frank. As a recent grad, saying that I passed level 1 of the CFA was probably the sole reason I got an interview at Raymond/anywhere else. I didn’t have any relevant internships or connections either.

i concur with niblita75. it’s your only way to stand out if you’ve got nothing else. have you guys tried doing one-pagers investment memos and sending them off to traders/ib-ers? it’s a long shot but if you keep doing it and you keep being right they may spend a few minutes with you and see what’s going on. anyway just a blue sky thought.

Leaving Toronto would be a good first shot, you won’t have a shot in hell there. Calgary/Edmonton/Montreal and yes even Regina which is growing fast these days should be where your targeting. In calgary for example; back office people become traders and analysts. In Toronto its basically BO fo life.