Grammar and spelling in Morning Session

Hi , everyone!

I’be got a big concern about essays questions , because of my English. I am not a native speaker and always have a problem with grammar and spelling ( especially when I am under stress).

Will it affect final score or it is enough to write understandable answer?

thank you!

They don’t mark on grammar or spelling. As long as it is understandable. My advice to you is to keep your answers short and to the point like the guideline mock exams.

nope! There should be no problems as long as you state clearly the answer of what being asked. They are not looking for complete sentences but bullets point that clear show you master the concepts.

I’m glad you’re the guy lecturing about grammar.

Dude: It was Sunday afternoon (90 degree outside). I was watching my son playing a soccer game while typing -:slight_smile: he score 3 goals -:)… heck, with that kind English, CFAI still allowed me to pass. They are fake… lol

I’m sure that not being a native english speaker costs you some points at the end as you usually take more time reading/understanding/answering questions.

Keep it short, to the point and you will be fine. Bullet points etc.