Grammar Quiz

I got 25/25…how about you?



I scored nearly perfectly in the verbal secton on every practice GMAT (in some cases was perfect) and had a 99th percentile in verbal on the GMAT itself.

That being said, I got a 25/25, but I’m not sure how that’s possible. I guessed several times and had no f*cking clue what a preposition was when asked on two different questions. Just guessed there as well. I’m questioning whether this is rigged.

I think it is ‘nearly perfect’ #amirite6?


i messed around and it doesnt seem to be rigged


Yeah, you remove nearly from the sentence and it reads correctly with perfectly whereas the word perfect would read incorrectly. It appears I was right the first time.

Yeah, I redid it by reversing my answers and failed. Guess I just had a few lucky guesses.

25/25 as well, and that was at 1 am after an evening of heavy drinking. Probably rigged.

Single malts make you smarter. :+1:

I’m thinking it’s a binary 25/25 or fail. They probably figure you’re more likely to share it if you’re on a good ego boost.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


F**k who?


I know I missed one for sure and still got 25/25. Definitely rigged