Grand Canyon day trip from Las Vegas

My friend wants to do a day trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon and if possible, Hoover Dam. He can’t drive. Any recommendations for a tour company?

That’s a very long day trip. I would either break it up into a couple of days or take a chopper flight from Vegas.

Personally, I would hire a car instead of going on some slow coach. It’s a good 5 hours to get to a decent spot in the grand canyon. You don’t want to be rushed in the Grand Canyon. You want to get there, find a quiet ledge and just have the time to soak it all in without the stress of needing to get back to Vegas that day or having to get back on a bus.

Hoover Dam is on the way to the grand canyon, so you’ll see both in 1 trip.

edit: also some nice walks to be done along the ledge or down the canyon if you give the trip a bit more time.

I disagree with what’s been said above. A tour bus tour takes allows one to lay back and enjoy the ride while taking in the additional info along the way. When I did it, it took 3 hours to get to the Canyon, 4 hours at the Canyon, then 3 hours on the way home. The tour company I used cost $95 and included a stop at Hoover Dam and Lunch. Not a bad deal at all.

CFAvsMBA, thanks for the info! Do you happen to remember the name of the tour bus company? Did you have a good experience with them?

Do some googling to find a discount code, they are out there. For all that is holy DO NOT buy a package from a hustler on the LV strip! Others on my bus paid ~$250 for the package I paid $130 for.

They did a fine job. Transportation to and from the hotel as promised, light continental breakfast, and lunch. They also stop now and again so you can take pictures, get snacks, and so forth. I have no complaints.

Much appreciated!