"Grandmother auditions to be Dallas Cowboys cheerleader"


Good for her.



Haha a GILF is the grandma version of a MILF. I was joking. But she does look better than the average 55 year old, I’ll give her that.

At first I thought she didn’t look too bad. But you got to look at pictures of her that arn’t overly tanned (which may have been edited)

The ones where she’s under natural sunlight, then you could see her age come through. And I think she’s had some kind of face tuck or something.

I didn’t look that closely, but pointed noted. I’ll stick to the regular Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

I too will stick to the regular cheerleaders

They can’t do better than a 55yo grandmother? Come on, it’s the south, there are tons of 35yo grandmothers available.

not HCB…

Shouldn’t the term HCB have some sort of age or stage of life eligibility??? A grandmother shouldnt’ be eligible to be an HCB… HCG maybe…?

I think this is messed up.