This is so US-centric, I’m willing to bet anyone $100 USD that this will not show up on the exam. Any takers?

I am with you…acutally I hope to see those things on the exam.

I think CRAP may be on the exam

seriously if they do… i bet it will be so basic… not the F*ckin insane VOlkovv GRAT explanantion…p-a-LEASE!!! anyone else having a hard time doing ANYTHING today?

having hard time? I cant do anything. all I have to do is light review, put 4-5 formulas on a paper and I cant. there is a big weight on my chest, makes it harder to breathe.

watching TV right now and I know I have to review a little… just soooo lazy at the moment.

make sure you do not get to exam room with it in your pocket. It violation of stardard IIVV lol