GRE study providers

Anyone have suggestions for GRE study guides/courses? Search function wasn’t too useful - I’m guessing more people here take GMAT than GRE. I’m leaning towards just study guides and practice tests but if anyone thinks online courses are worth it I would consider. Thanks.

Anyone? I know no one wants to think about GRE on a friday (myself included)…but any comments appreciated.

Why GRE?

comp_sci_kid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Why GRE? I’m going to apply to econ masters programs, most of which don’t accept GMAT.

Depends on what your weak areas are… For math, i used the big book (it had 27 past GRE tests)… very helpful for practicing math (i hit 800 due to this only) … maybe you could start off with the kaplan book and review some math concepts. for verbal, improve your vocabulary (memorize the words from barrons if you have the time) . If you know the word you can easily solve the analogies if you don’t know it, no “tips/tricks” would help you.

For Verbal 1. The very 1st step is to do the 500 High Frequency words from Barron’s, Kaplan and Princeton review. 2. Then hit the 3500+ words from Barron’s 3. Once you have your vocabulary ironed out, then start preparing for Antonyms, Anologies and Sentence Completion - all the 3 sections depend very heavily on the vocab you gathered from the above exersice 4. Then go do the reading Comprension - best way to conquer this is to practice, practice and practice. For Quant 1. Hit the Barron’s and Kaplan For AWA 1. Read score “5.5 to 6” essays from Barron’s, Kaplan, Princeton and know the template before you go for the exam. 2. Does not matter if you support or are againt the issue/argument as long as you are able to communicate your points across to the evaluators. Join: And get the GRE Official Guide 10th Edition and knock off all the exams from that book. Timing the test is the most important aspect, as doing 30ques in 30 mins (with SC’s and RC’s) is not an easy thing. Don’t worry too much about Quant. - from what I have heard. People get 800/800 with less than a week of QUANT preparation. Verbal can tame more than 2.5 to 3 months. Since the exam is ‘Adaptive’ - the 1st 10 ques in every section decides your score so keep your Aces front-loaded even at the expense of blind-guessing the last 2 or 3 questions on every section. … … … Once I am take this crappy exam and find myself close to 1300 then I might apply for MSF (PT).

Thanks, dinesh. Very helpful. I’m really not too worried about the test overall, I just want to make sure I’m familiar with the questions before I go into it.