Was wondering everyone’s opinions: I took the GRE about 2 years ago when a professor of mine suggested I do an MFE program. He told me I just need to do very well (780+) on quant, and get at least a 4 in writing, and verbal didn’t really matter. I did just that, brushed up on my math, studied no verbal and just skipped it during the exam, and received a score just like he wanted. I decided against the MFE as I accepted a full-time job instead, but am now considering MBA programs. Some are willing to accept GRE scores now as well. I’m looking into NYU’s part-time program - does anyone know much about this program? Do you know how a b-school views the verbal portion of a GRE? I imagine they take the entire exam seriously since verbal is a big factor to an overall GMAT score, yet the formats of the 2 exams are a bit different. Any advice would be appreciated.

bump. Anyone wonder about this with their own experience?

I would say 1400+ is any ideal score for schools like NYU, and that should be broken down to 800 quant and 600 verbal and AWA of 5 out of 6. For MFE I would say - quant you have to have 790 or 800, no less than that.

Yeah…I think I’ll just take the GMAT…my quant score is as good as you mention, but my professor didn’t care at all about the verbal score and told me not to worry, so I didn’t…thought maybe business schools felt the same about verbal. :slight_smile:

Why not take both? Many MBA programs take both.

Will likely take GMAT, but unsure if I will submit the GRE score since the verbal is pretty much non-existent.