great investment philosophy article

Good read

good stuff nery. look for companies with nice cash flows, moats, simple businesses that you understand, low competition in industry, non cyclical products, low cost producers, industries with high switching costs.

and god darnit stop building models

Any Dhando Investor fans here?

its actually my first time on that site. i was looking up greenberg’s performance and stumbled on it. anyways lots of other gems. on a side note. can everyone care to share their favorite investment managers? i want to compile a list. ty

My list of people I like learning from, not all fund managers but most

Howard Marks

Mario Gabelli

Kenneth fisher

David Rosenberg

Charley Ellis

Patrick O Shaughnessy

Larry swedroe

Jim chanos


Guy spier

Micheal moubassin

Ed thorpe

As an aside, great book to read if you haven’t already is Hedge Fund Market Wizards by Jack Schwager.