Great story about interviewee lying about being a CFA Charterholder

Thought you guys might enjoy reading this

Read this when he posted it. At least do some research about anything you’re going to lie about on your resume…

It’s like submitting a resume for an HVAC company and saying yep im a Heating Valve Air Controller technician lol

What an idiot

Somehow, I feel bad for everyone involved. The candidate is just a pathetic loser. However, the interviewer clearly is the sort of person who gets an ego rush from this.

I thought the same thing, in his defense people on the sub were egging him on to crush the fraudster

I was one of them because I can’t stand liars. I told him to pique his brain about the program and then call him out on it.

sounds like itera

Would have been more interesting if the fraudster actually knew anything about the program or was a candidate. He folded on the first question

He’s a great fit!

two words, stolen valour.

he invites him even if it says certified. yes, this guy is definitely efficient.

Wouldn’t you have done the same? Find out if he really is a lying fraud and report him to CFAI. You probably have the work experience to back your career up so even if you didn’t have CFA behind your name, you would be getting calls from recruiters. But for people just starting out, the letters add credibility.

In my experience people lying on their resumes is (sadly) very common.

In a previous role when I regularly interviewed people, I created a brief 10-minute exam covering some very basic Finance topics. Any decent candidate should have aced the exam – or at least come very close. You would be surprised at how many candidates that on paper looked to have good experience were clearly lying – since they couldn’t even correctly answer some very basic questions. I have to admit I did kind of enjoy the part when I announced the exam – and watched many of their eyes get wide and jaws drop.

It’s the recruiter, not the interviewer. I’ve been handed a resume 10 minutes before an interviewee comes in. Recruiters, as has been established universally by now, know shi t about shi t.

This is the exact reason the guy was interviewed. He didn’t choose the candidate, someone else did.

The “investment theory” line is GOLD!!

It’s pretty easy to tell which ones are worth dealing with right off the bat. Had a Skype call with a recruiter yesterday.

Recruiter: So you’ve only been at Acme Investments Co. for about 5 months, why are you looking to leave already?

Me: I’ve been here for 6 years, if you look at the next line, you’ll see that I have been promoted twice, but still at the same firm

Recruiter: Oh yes I see, my fault…

Me: I’m getting pulled into a meeting - let’s reschedule this chat…(ends connection)

Recruiters are like my appendix.

They aren’t useful that much and at times need to be removed.

Completely agree. Lots of insecurity everywhere.