Great Study Tip - LOS ONE BY ONE

Been studying for the past few days and decided to switch up my strategy…

I’ve studied each and every LOS and analyzed the key command words like “calculate, describe, analyze…”

has any1 else done this? It helps to see what you actualyl need to CALCULATE and not…

While this sounds good in theory, from what I’ve seen we need to calculate 99% of the equations we come across in the study notes.

Correct me if i’m wrong here, but if that’s the case, isn’t it just a waste of time going through each and every LOS description again just to make sure we don’t need to calculate a few equations?

Schweser does a good job in the videos of telling you which equations you don’t need to bother to remember and just understand. This has been very very few so far from what i’ve seen in my level 2 studies.

Agree with capaldij. I looked at all LOS one by one to figure out which formulas I need/don’t need by looking at LOS that contain “calculate”… then I found some LOS that says to “determine”. All in all, I find that I will need to know most formulas and just memorize them.

Don’t get too cute. Just do practice problems.