great subreddits. lets discuss. i need better ones.

all i see is dating for some reason.

Reddit automatically directs you to the subreddits where you need the most help.

I recommend r/biggerthanyouthought (NSFW)

im at a crossroads right now actually. i am dating someone already for like 3 mos now. after we hooked up at the beach last friday. she told me she wants to make it exclusive. so on saturday when i went out, i actually refrained from going out so i wouldnt get the chance to cheat.

then just yesterday. my dad’s best friend offered my dad and i 2 tickets to sf. the best friend wants me to date one of his 3 single daughters. the family is extremely wealthy. i estimate a 5m net worth with 4 kids, so any one of the daughters is worth 1.25m plus they are all really hot. my first kiss is actually from one of the daughters, but she turned lesbian. its so odd. their best case scenario is for me to turn the lesbian straight.

also to add to the mix. my buddies want me to stay single especially for escape (as in not bring chick that im dating). its all really confusing. lol

Just visit /r/all and you’ll come across some good non-default subs. Then subscribe to them and they’ll show up on your personal front page. At the same time, be sure to unsubscibe to the ones you don’t like.

If you’re looking for NSFW subs, there’s an aggregator that combines all the most popular ones but I forget what the name is. I’m sure you can google it.

Edit: r/tinder is a gold mine.

i didnt know 5M was extremely wealthy. aim higher. the daughters also wont be into any dude that their dad approves of

That subreddit. You know, the porn one. Nery bro, 5mm is not rich. Trust me, I know. Anyway, we should know from CFA that you need to DCF that $1.25mm. So, let’s say they only get the inheritance in 30 years and assume 2% interest rate. The NPV of each daughter is therefore closer to half that amount, without considering future wealth accumulation.



Are we considering the home in the net worth calculation? Perhaps we should consult /r/personalfinance?

i have noticed that some people in eprsonal finance are ballers. like cash flow of 500k with 2m. jeebus.

Did you notice that they are in their 30’s? He works in finance (whatever that means) and she is a physician? They also have no debt.

It’s possible (however unlikely) that they were both in school until just a fewof years ago. When they graduated, they had crushing debt from student loans and purchasing businesses. Now, five years later, they are making $500k/year with $2m saved, and zero debt.

That’s very different from “I’m 55 and have made $500k per year for the past 25 years and have $2m–all of which is home equity”.

is this a shot at ohai?

I don’t get it. $2 million in your “late 30s” is comfortable but not exceptional. They are right to consider life insurance, in case something happens and their future earnings are compromised.

Also the $2m is in “mostly cash.” That is weak unless they recently got an inheritance or sold a house. 500k all in for a doctor and someone in finance is actually pretty low, but it depends on type of doctor, unless the live in Alabama.

Anyway, check out subreddits for stuff you’re into. That’s the idea. Like, NBA? There is a subreddit. Live in LA? There is a subreddit. Drive a benz? There is a subreddit. Like picking up? There is a subreddit. Gay? There is a subreddit.

is there a subreddit for fans of AF?

i just want to read funny shit, like cringy stuff. but most of the popular crap is not funny.

even this guy succeeded

The gay sub is why Belinda has been missing from here lately.