Greece outraged

hooray socialism! this is what you get for feeding free-loaders for years

kkent Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > By the way, former trader, in case you were > wondering, EVERY SINGLE assertion is verifiable > fact: > > 1) Greece is rated as the single most corrupt > nation in the 16-bloc EU. > 2) Greece hired out the Germans to build its > airport for the Olympics, as a single example, > because they believed they weren’t competent > enough to get the task done on time > 3) It’s common knowledge that most Greeks take the > entire month of August off to vacation on the > islands > > So just as an FYI, this isn’t a “he said/she said” > post–these are all statements of fact. I am of Greek heritage and shocked by point #3 above, they take off half of July as well, not just August

MattLikesAnalysis Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i > know you don’t love kkent, former trader, but i > know you know stats. What makes you think that? I believe he provides a needed balance to the left leaning posters. And vice versa. If everyone shared the same political views, all we would see posted is +1 after the previous post.



A german buddy of mine told me, so I dont know if its true, but he normally gets things right, told me the greeks cooked the books to get in on the euro anyway. I say kick them out and they can continue back on the drachma and using their mule and carts.