Greenville, SC

This is going to sound totally off the wall to a lot of you, but does anyone live in Greenville, SC? I travelled there on business last year and stayed through the weekend to chill with my Uncle who is a professor at Clemson. Here is the strange part: I loved it there. I am huge on work life balance, and I am tiring of city life. I am having serious thoughts about moving. It’s a pretty progessive place for being as small as it is. So, my question is, if anyone lives there, what do you do? I know there are Financial Advisor jobs - they were my clients and the reason I was in town, and maybe some small time banking. Also, maybe some of you live in smaller cities (big towns) on the east coast with a low cost of living. Any other places you would recommend?

I’ve got a friend from college who moved there. She likes it a lot.

If I could choose a place in SC: Charleston. With. Out. A. Doubt. (College of Charleston doesn’t hurt…)

FIAnalyst Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > If I could choose a place in SC: > > Charleston. With. Out. A. Doubt. (College of > Charleston doesn’t hurt…) Hilton Head

I ran the Greenville Upstate marathon once (first sub - 3:15).

Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte are all decent if you like that size, although Charlotte is leaps and bounds above for finance opportunities. Only place I would live in SC is Charleston.

How about Chapel Hill to that list???

Chapel Hill is a really nice college town. Most finance jobs are going to be in Raleigh, which can be a tough commute. I’d say 90% of the IM jobs in Chapel Hill are with the University, it’s investment arm, or Franklin Street Partners. Not a lot to choose from.

OldSchool, I wonder how difficult is it to get on with them (I’d love to live in Chapel Hill).

Charleston is awesome.

I’ll bet Morgan CReek Capital would be a fun place to work.

Is that Yusko’s startup? I’ve met Yusko a few times, but never got a good read on if I’d want to work for him.

I’v never met him but he has a good track record last I checked and seems pretty smart and determined.

I did a 3 month contract with RBC. They have a large life insurance division headquartered in Greenville. I commuted daily from Charlotte, which was hell (1.5 hrs each way) If you are considering that area, I recommend Charlotte. Greenville is nice. The downtown area has the small town feel to it. It is a popular concert stop for a lot of bands. Although almost everyone I worked with left on the weekends to go to Charleston.