Greetings From a new member

Hi All, Hello to everyone on the CFA level 1 trail. I started myself around three weeks ago and have ramped up the study each week as I quickly realise that I am very rusty in the quants department. Working full time so putting in 2.5 hours or so per weeknight, weekend much better with around 4-5. Plan on taking 1.5 weeks in April and two weeks off before the exam in June which should help exam prep. Economics and derivatives are my areas so hopefully I can ace them. However probabilty well let’s hope they just forget about that section come June shall we!

Welcome to the forum! I’m registered for the June exam and started seriously studying a couple weeks ago. Quant is already kicking me in the butt and I aced my stat classes in college (that was many years ago though!) It sounds like you have a good study plan in place!! What prep provider are you planning on using? I’ve have started with the Elan guides and so far I find them very helpful. Good luck!

Hey horsegirl! I am using Elan Guides as well and I really like their videos and books so far. Have almost finished econ as I am following their schedule, but I was just wondering why you started with Quants. Any particular reason?

I started with quants before I received the Elan guides and have finished reading the CFA texts for quant. Last week I started econ. in order to keep up with the Elan lectures and quizzes and will get back to the CFA questions and review quant when Elan starts quant. The videos are pretty good. They can be a little dull, so it helps that you can take breaks. Do you know if you can download the videos to an ipod? I am seriously dreading FRA though.

Hey Guys, I am using Kaplan (notes/q-bank and secret sauce). The network for study groups / classes here in Ireland isn’t great to be honest so a lot of my study will be with a good friend of mine who I sort of sold the CFA idea to (he just needed a push) -SeeEfAYE I started working through the course based on the readings Elan must order differently then I guess? Maybe they feel that economics should go first. I work around derivatives and have done more economics in college then anything else so order doesn’t really matter for me. Have a good days guys, my work day is over my CFA work is about to begin (really miss not doing anything after work)

“(really miss not doing anything after work)” I took the December 2009 L1 (results tomorrow!). I remember when I would leave the office on Friday and everyone would be like, “Thank God it’s Friday! WOOHOO!” and I would think, “Ah *@#&\*@#. It’s Friday. That means I’ll be studying 6 hours tomorrow and another 6 hours the next day. I hate Fridays.” It feels sooooo good when it’s over. Good luck.

Welcome to the board. Folks are rather tense today because the December exam results are due out tomorrow morning. Once this all blows by, the forum will get back to normal.