Greetings & Salutations: The High Five And Other Moves

How do you guys ‘greet’ others? Obviously, business context you go handshake, but what about ‘your peoples’? Here’s my current MO: 1) My ‘brahs’: an off the cuff hand slap maneuver that involves several different components, occassionally ending with a slap or hand-explosion, but usually just an interlocking of hands, and maybe a ‘bring it in half hug’ type transaction if it’s a ‘brah’ I haven’t seen in a while. 2) Something semi-exciting happens with people I know but are not my ‘brahs’: highfive or some ‘daps’/fist bumping. I’m thinking the highfive might be played out, but it seems like such a classic. Any suggestions on improvements or new moves I should try out?

handshake + bring it in half hug

pupdawg82 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > handshake + bring it in half hug +1 for brah’s and hoss’s

Although I’ve never employed it, I like the double back tap bro hug. Usually do the high-five to half h(oss)ug.

Usually use the “fresh prince” with my dogs. It looks baddass when you go “psssh” to the side at the end and then just keep walking. Ocasionally use the masonic.

Sup (insert nickname)? Accompanied by very slight upward head nod.

While travelling, I met some dude from the US who said to me ‘pound me out brah’ and proceeded to hold his hand forward in a clenched fist motion. I found this very odd and thought it was just something college doosh’s did in movies. Nevertheless after some delay I ‘pounded him out’. Although to me I would of thought pounding out someone was something totally different…

also called a fist pump

The guy who said “pound me out brah” is definitely in Narnia. I do the grab and bring it in for a half hug combo. Keeps the consistency because girls are an automatic hug.

higgmond Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Sup (insert nickname)? Accompanied by very slight > upward head nod. +1

french kiss

Quick snap and release of the scrote