No, I’m not talking about the fact that Greece might exit the EMU.

I’m talking about the guy who posted some seriously offensive stuff over the weekend. Such to the point where I almost contacted some of the Mods to get them to delete it. (I decided not to, since it was the weekend, there wouldn’t be much traffic, and I knew they’d see it soon enough.)

Please tell me we banned this loser permanently.

Ban that loser! yes

Cannot agree more.

Please add sending abusive pm’s to random users for no apparent reason to his chargesheet

This would have been so good for the feedback forum…

Already banned.

I noticed it on Friday (after coming back from a well-earned, but far too short, vacation up the California coast), and passed a link to Chad immediately; he responded quickly with the ban on Grexit and quixote.

I guess that the takeaway is that we don’t put up with that junk.

What about that hashtag dude ?

Not remotely in the same category.

(Oh: and hashtag might not be a dude.)

How offensive can a guy that puts everything into hashtag format be?



Since we are all relatively certain the Grexit and RR are one and the same, why has RR still not been banned?

So much for freedom of speech…looks like too many of you people are suffering some severe butt hurt. Go cry and coddle mommy, she’ll make it all better.

@Blackswan I know I have joked about RR and Grexit being one soul into two accounts but is there any actual evidence on this ?It would be funny if RR is some back office 40 year old american worker taking his bash at the indian who got promoted at work instead of him

This is a privately owned website; freedom of speech doesn’t apply here.

I’m glad the ban occured so quickly.

I like the hashtag dude

hashtag might not be a _ dude _.

^Schrödinger’s dude

I didn’t see the offensive material, but I’m told it was bad enough that Chad banned the guy on the spot after being pointed to the post, no discussion. Apparently it was way over the line.

I’m not opposed to the decision, but I am curious as to just how bad it was.

Stuff like pictures of planes hitting the twin towers with the caption “beautiful” and guys jumping out of the twin towers with other similarly stupid captions. I saw it and was suprised how long it stayed up.

I only saw the pictures of the twin towers falling and on fire. I’m going to assume there was even more I didn’t see

I had to break out my Google-fu to see the threads.


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  3. Be disappointed that it wasn’t as good as you thought it was going to be