Group of Young Professional Girls playing some Charade type board game...

Just had a smoke on my balcony, and across the courtyard there’s a group of girls playing some charade type game in the apartment on floor 3, and I think I guessed correctly, two out of three of the cognitive behavioural antics they put on.

One of them was ‘Walking like an Egyptian’ I suppose. Maybe the absolute answer was simply ‘Egypt’. I dunno. The other one was two girls and a guy standing in a line back to front, and then waving their arms like a Dancing Shiva of Hinduism. That was my answer. I said ‘Shiva’ silently to myself.

The other one I had no clue. Then I finished my cigarette.

You’re back.

cool story bro

Where have you been dude?

That actually was kind of a cool story.

No homo?

Sounds like an excerpt from a new age The Catcher in the Rye.\

me likey.

I’m with Roberto, good to have you back. What you been trading these days, got anything on?