Group Study Chicago

Hi! i am taking the LEVEL 1 test in June. Looking for people to study with either downtown or in LP

I have lived in Chicago all my life, but I have no idea what you are referring to as “LP”…

Sorry for the confusion by LP. i meant Lincoln Park…

Ahhh…I should have thought of that… I have just confirmed I am beginning my quest for Level II, so I fear I won’t be much help for you with a Level I study group. Good luck, though…

Hi, I live in oak park and we can make a study group for Level one in downtown or LP.

Cool, my email address is Hope to hear from you sonn Rohit

Hey I live in LP and work in the loop, and would be interested in joining your study group. Email me at and let’s set something up.

hey lanerj, check ur email

Hi, I want to join. pls email to me.(