Groups for Networking

How do you guys go about networking? I’m somewhat of an introvert and could use some serious help. Anything besides the usual alumni networks, cfa chapter, etc.? Also, I thought about just cold calling PM’s to get advice, but thought that may be a little odd. Anyone got any advice?

Try - good place to work on your networking and people skills and come out of your shell a little.

Check out and search for “networking.” There are quite a few articles on the topic, most of which are focused on investment banking but some of those techniques can be applied to other jobs.

You may also want to check the links in my signature below as they may have other useful insights on getting into the buy-side and sell-side.

I went to this site at work!!! Thanks a lot jerk lol. Seriously does anyone have anything?

Seriously, are you telling me that you found NOTHING on that site that could be helpful for your networking? Really? Who’s the jerk here?

Oops, Like Numi I really like the site as well and use it quite regularly! There are some very interesting articles in the site which were literally eye openers for me…

im pretty positive he was talking about

Missing Link - quite literal. GFY.

Hahaha…Surely he was referring to the poster who mentioned! :stuck_out_tongue: