Growing impatient with this shit.... 2011 Book 3 Page 111 Question 3

Should the yield on the MBS not be 5.75% rather than 4.75%? Looks like they left out the 100 bps premium of the 10 year t-bond over the 1 year t-bill.

RTFP - Read the fine print…

a This spread implicitly includes a maturity premium in relation to the 1-year T-note as well as compensation for prepayment risk.

The sad part is i did read that and still somehow missed it. Today is not a good day for me.

happens to everyone.

I do not know what part I am reading each day … and hardly remember anything. A tough 40-odd days ahead of me at least :frowning:

I feel like I have early onset of dimentia as well.

I learn/review something today, feels like something else falls off the end of the shelf. Getting towards test day is like playing whack a mole with what I can’t remember. At least we know we are all in the same boat together.

I know it’s trite, but hang in there fellas. I know when this stuff gets particular bad for me it just means I need to give myself a day or two for room to breath. It’s hard to do when you see the calendar counting down on you, but sometimes it’s a must so our brains can keep functioning.

Best analogy I have heard for this test yet is that it’s like you are trying to fill up a leaky bucket and then run your ass into the exam center before it empties out.

That is how I feel.

crying true

Oh how true!

Top of the line, markCFA!

I would say CFA charter is overvalued and we are late in the game… I hope Pascal’s wager works for me till 6/3.