Growth vs. Speculative vs. Cyclical Company

Cannot find information on this topic in the Schweser or the CFA textbooks. Could anyone shed light on these types of company and their respecitve differences?

Is there an LOS on these types of companies?

I could not find anything in the equity section. Maybe I am looking at the wrong place.

Would you be able to provide a link/description? I found this as a question on a practice exam.

I cannot recall any reference to a speculative company. That’s why I asked if there were an LOS on these companies; I’m not aware of any.

Growth Industry (Companies) : Have strong demand unaffected by business life cycles.

Cyclical Industry (Companies) : (A) Have earning voliality with respect to business life cycle.

(B) They have high earning votality and high leverage (beacuse when you produce more goods, your FC comes down as it will didtributed among larger no of goods).

Study Session 14, Chapter : Introduction to Industry And Company Analsysis, LOS 49 c.

Hope this is what you were looking for…