Hahaha, I love that this thing is up 25 percent today in premarket. That is really awesome! One cent earnings surprise and we get a 25% gain. This is excellent. Oh man.

When I bought call options yesterday on companies that I thought would benefit from the Facebook IPO I picked the wrong one.

mr market is a lunatic…i haven’t shorted a share in my life…but i’m gaining comfort around certain areas…

Seems like an obvious put or short. 1 cent earnings = +20% bump?! I’ve been watching this slowly capsize since its IPO. I don’t see any reason to change that opinion now.

Don’t think you can find the shares to short. Puts cost a fortune.

sell puts then…

Yep, that’s the way to do it. Especially yesterday.

Haven’t looked at the puts, but the equity has been damn near impossible to short. The borrow cost was 40% as of a couple of weeks ago, with buzz on the Street that it would probably reach 80% in the near future. It may be down somewhat after today, but you basically haven’t been able to make money short this thing. If everyone knows something, the opportunity disappears.